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STARLUX® Pulsed Light System

The StarLux® is the newest treatment method offered at Premier Laser Center. The StarLux® is the aesthetic industry’s most advanced pulsed-light system. Several features are only found on the StarLux®:

  • Photon Recycling – Increases the effective energy by an additional factor of 1.2 to 1.5. Scattered light energy is redirected to the target for the most effective treatment.
  • A Large Beam – Over twice as large as other pulsed-light systems, allows for rapid treatment.
  • Contact Treatment – The light beam is placed directly on the skin surface, allowing for more efficient, consistent treatments.
  • Contact Cooling – Palomar’s patented cooling technology sends chilled fluid to the handpiece to provide comfort and safety.

Applications of the StarLux®

  • Hair – The StarLux® is able to provide permanent hair reduction on all types of skin color. Lasers are restricted to use for the treatment on dark hair on persons of fair skin color. However, the StarLux® can allow treatments of most hair colors on nearly all skin colors.
  • Pigmented Lesions – The StarLux® can be used to remove unwanted pigmentation of the skin: freckles, sun spots, liver spots of the face, shoulders, legs, arms, hands, and chest.
  • Vascular Lesions – With the StarLux®, spider veins across the body can be reduced. The treatment of rosacea has never been easier, safer, or more comfortable.
  • Acne – The StarLux® received FDA approval to make a particular wavelength for treatment of infectious acne.

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