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Give your skin a boost – Summer is the time to take care of our skin

The Obagi® Nu-Derm products are a unique line of cleansers, toners and creams designed to complement the benefits of tretinoin therapy. They combine exfoliating acids, skin bleaching agents and an exclusive ingredient, Complex 272 (Saponins), which enhances the performance of the active ingredients. The Obagi® Nu-Derm products are clinically tested and therapeutically proven by physicians throughout the world.

The Obagi® Nu-Derm system uses medically prescribed products in conjunction with tretinoin therapy to restore the natural glow and elasticity of healthy skin. It repairs skin damage, correcting lines and wrinkles, creating a lovely, even skin tone. Most importantly, it stimulates the cellular level to increase collagen and elastin, and to renew the flow of natural moisture to the surface. It even slows the aging process in the years to come.

An Easy Step-by-Step System

1.Reaction Phase [Out with the Old] – During this initial correction and stimulation period, your damaged top layer is replaced by a new layer of healthier cells.

2. Tolerance Phase [In with the New] – The correction and stimulation continues and you will notice significant improvements in your skin almost every day.

3. Corrected Phase [Healthy Glow] – Here, the surface problems have been corrected and your skin is healthy and restored to a much more youthful appearance.

After that, it is easy to maintain your new, healthy, younger-looking skin for a lifetime. Your skin health routine will be second nature to you. And with your doctor’s advice, it will be simple to develop a maintenance regimen that fits your skin type and the nature of your skin problems.

Treat yourself to beautiful, healthy skin – Only by Obagi®

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